How to show your support for your favourite creator on Fawnstars

By Gary Martin

December 22, 2023

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So you’ve just found out that your favourite adult creator has joined Fawnstars, and you want to find out how to support them and access their X-rated content? You're in the right place. Many of the biggest and best adult creators are finding more suitable alternatives to OnlyFans and Fansly by joining platforms like ours, because at Fawnstars, we always give creators 100% of the money they earn. This means fans like you can better support creators, and you know your money is going to the right place.

Find out exactly how our platform works so you can better understand our tokens, subscriber content and tipping on Fawnstars UK.

How to become a fan

Becoming a fan at Fawnstars is easy. All you have to do is create a fan account on the platform using your email address and a password, and you can get started on searching for your next favourite adult creator. Once you've found a creator to suit your tastes, you can browse their profile, buy content or opt-in to access their subscriber content. 

Many of our creators are looking to get more fans and offer a Fawnstars discount for some of their best content. 

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Tokens on Fawnstars UK

To support creators on Fawnstars, you’ll need to purchase tokens within the platform. These tokens can then be exchanged directly with creators in a number of ways. This allows you to support your favourite creator and lets you unlock exclusive content you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Once you’ve purchased your tokens, there are a few ways you can redeem them…

Tokens for content 

Most creators have certain pieces of content available on their profiles that you can gain unlimited access to, by using your tokens. This means you can make one-off purchases on paywalled content if you don’t want to set up a recurring payment. Using tokens for content is a great way to explore a number of different creators' offerings and find the perfect X-rated content for you.

Subscriber content

Fawnstars creators often add exclusive subscriber content to their profiles, meaning there is content available that can only be accessed to those with a regular subscription. This subscriber content is perfect when you’re wanting to regularly access content and have the most up-to-date pictures and videos as soon as they’re released. Simply subscribe to your favourite creator via their profile using your tokens and you’re set.


For those who want to show the ultimate appreciation to their favourite creators, tipping is the best way to give that bit extra. You don’t necessarily get anything extra for your tips, but it is the best way to stand out from the other fans and show how much you appreciate their content.  Creators may even be more inclined to make individual content for their biggest tippers…

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If you’re looking to support your favourite creator and want alternatives to OnlyFans or a  Fansly alternative, Fawnstars is the place for you. By giving all of the tokens back to our creators, they get the most from any X-rated platform and can be empowered to keep making content just for you.

Subscribe today or discover more about Fawnstars by visiting our blog and find out why we’re looking to be the next big platform for adult entertainment. 

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