How to price your adult content

By Firecask

August 23, 2023

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How to price your adult content

When you’re a creator making 18+ content, especially when first starting out, it can feel confusing knowing how to price your content. Often, other creators will price their content based on their own perspective, but there are a couple of tips we can offer to guide you on how to think about pricing your content. 

Keep reading to learn more about our recommendations. If you are a new creator or one with an already established fanbase of subscribers, Fawnstars is the platform for you. We are unique to the industry as we offer 100% commission for all creators, not just those who are successful. We put creators first and we want to support your creative journey so sign up today to begin your content creator journey with Fawnstars.

How pricing works on Fawnstars

On Fawnstars, anyone who signs up, including fans and creators, will use tokens. Creators themselves cash in tokens with us and your fans will buy tokens to spend on your content. Tokens on Fawnstars come in bundles which can be spent in several ways. With tokens you can:

  • Tip - People can show appreciation for your content through tipping and this will go directly to you
  • Buy paid content - You can make sure that certain content is paid for by whoever likes your content
  • Subscriptions - You can get subscribers through tokens, this will give your fans access to all of your paid for content and access to direct messaging so you can build your fanbase

We set up this pricing system so creators can get paid fairly for their content but it also gives you a lot of flexibility which we will explore more below. If you need help understanding more of this or are just getting your account set up, read more about it in this handy how-to guide.

How to price 18+ content

While we want you to maximise your earnings, it's also important to be strategic. Most creators generate more revenue from pay-per-view (PPV) and private media messaging rather than subscriptions, although having a substantial following is still beneficial. Read more about how you can promote your content here. 

How can you build a large following?

Many creators on Fawnstars offer free content. Setting your subscription price as free or creating an additional free account if you already have a paid profile can incentivise fans on the platform to subscribe. The more subscribers you have, the higher the chances of selling your chargeable content.

Posting abundant amounts of free content is also advantageous. Once you have subscribers, they can message you and in return, you can offer them various options and prices for private images through multimedia or share your PPV with a much larger audience.

If you want to create another account but are already registered, simply send an alternate email address to We will then provide you with an invitation link so that there's no need for ID verification again.

Video content

Dividing videos into smaller chargeable segments is another effective way of generating income. By breaking down the videos into segments instead of offering one lump sum payment option, fans are more inclined to continue purchasing these segments to view the full content.

When it comes to pricing your adult content, you should try and earn as many tokens as you can for your material. It’s important for you to be paid fairly, but we also understand that this might be more difficult if you are just starting out.


Fans can exchange tokens to subscribe to your content. Unlike other sites we don’t do recurring monthly subscriptions but people can subscribe to access all of your content. If you’re in the process of building subscribers, our useful guide on getting subscribers will be of interest to you.

When it comes to pricing your content, you are in control and can create your own adult content pricing guide. With our token system we support creators and their own pricing.

Sign up to Fawnstars to earn tokens

Whether you are looking to make BDSM or cosplay content, Fawnstars is a place for you to experiment and start earning from your adult content. 

You can follow our step by step guide to promoting on Fawnstars to get started or simply sign up today to start earning tokens. Sign up to Fawnstars today to start creating and earning for your adult content.

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