How to get subscribers for your adult content

By Firecask

July 19, 2023

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How to get subscribers: OnlyFans and other platforms

Starting your journey as an online creator can mean personal and financial freedom, but building a loyal and engaged audience is crucial to your success. 

At Fawnstars, we offer an alternative to OnlyFans where our creators get 100% of the money they earn from subscribers. We’re dedicated to our creators’ success and have put together this guide to explore effective strategies to find the audience for your content. By implementing these techniques, you’ll be well on your way to attracting subscribers to your adult content account.

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How to get subscribers using social media

Social media platforms provide one of the most effective ways to reach potential subscribers. It’s where you can find potential fans from far and wide and make yourself known to a wide variety of people. Find below the best social media platforms to promote yourself on and strategies on using these platforms. 


Promoting your content on Reddit is a surefire way to build your following. Join relevant subreddits and engage in discussions while subtly promoting your content. There are subreddits for a huge variety of topics and interests. If you have a particular niche or kink, you should be able to find an engaged audience on this platform to promote your content.


One of the biggest social media sites in the world is where you can find many of your potential subscribers. You should create an account specifically for your adult content, optimise your settings to make it 18+ to ensure compliance with platform guidelines (more on this below), and start engaging with other similar creators and their fans.


Instagram can be utilised to showcase enticing teasers and promotional images before directing your audience to see more explicit content on your Fawnstars or OnlyFans account. Instagram reels can also be utilised to ensure you appear in more people’s feeds and that your content is engaging for your audience.


TikTok can still be utilised to reach a larger audience. Shorter clips hinting towards your more explicit content will encourage users to click through and find out more. It’s also a great platform to let your personality shine.


​​Although it’s a new platform, it’s extremely fast growing and its current popularity suggests this could be the next big thing. Getting in there soon will help you become a big name on a new platform before other creators beat you to it.

How to allow 18+ content on Twitter

Twitter allows users to share adult content while maintaining compliance with their guidelines. Alt Twitter is great for online creators because it allows a space to promote content without the fear of being banned. 

This 18+ Twitter content can be posted by ensuring you mark it as sensitive. To do this, make your way to your safety settings. Then simply tick the box that says “Mark media you Tweet as having material that may be sensitive”. Once this is done, you can post and see 18+ content on Twitter, effectively joining the att Twitter space.

How to get subscribers? Engage with competing content

Engaging with competing content can be a great way to promote your own. This activity on your profile will boost your engagement and visibility, and put your name in front of the right people. There are a few approaches to take, including:

  • Leave thoughtful and respectful comments on competitors' posts, showcasing your interest in the niche. Remember, your comment is bringing them engagement too.
  • Collaborate with other creators. This is one of the best ways to get subscribers for OnlyFans and Fawnstars - cross promoting you and your collaborator in front of mutually beneficial audiences. 
  • Participate in in-person industry events. This can help you find collaborators and other industry experts who could assist your career.

Promoting your kink to gain subscribers

Finding your niche or kink can help set you apart from others in a saturated market. This can help subscribers choose you over another creator and lead to more loyal and engaged audiences. You should research different social media platforms, subreddits and groups to find out where best to promote your kink. Having a tailored niche can even help with collaborative opportunities, as other creators may want to expand their audience base and get you on board.

How to get OnlyFans subscribers through your personality

Just because you are promoting adult content, doesn’t mean your online persona has to be strictly explicit images and videos. Promoting your content can take various forms, and you could carve out your niche by having a different approach. Plenty of creators already get their personalities across to their audience in informative or humorous ways to stand out from the crowd. 

Build your brand with Fawnstars 

Now that you know how to get subscribers for your platform, are you ready to take your adult content to the next level? Learn more by reading our step by step guide.

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