Fetish terms for new creators

By Gary Martin

November 09, 2023

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If you’re just getting started as a content creator, it can be really confusing to learn all of the terms for different fetishes and kinks. Especially on Twitter/X, when creators are sharing their content or including fetishes in their bios, all the different terms can be overwhelming. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got you covered at Fawnstars with all the fetish terms.

On our blog we have lots of insights for new creators, including information on how you can get subscribers for your adult content. You can also read our step by step guide if you’re new to our platform and just getting signed up. Let’s dive into all the different terminologies and see some creators who can be great inspiration for you.

Watersports Porn

Watersports means that you have a kink for urination or piss play. Watersports may also include squirting videos which lots of fans love. Watersports is a really common fetish amongst fans, as for many of them, it can be hard to carry out in their everyday lives. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a watersports content creator, it's a really niche way to make content, but you might become the next big creator in the watersports niche. Remember to stay safe when making content like this!


Are you curious about the meaning of findom? Look no further. To put it simply, findom is financial domination. This means it is a form of BDSM where the submissive party is made to give to the dominator - and this usually takes the form of financial gifts and money. It can be quite common for online creators to engage in findom since their fans want to gift them for the experience. 

The great thing about Fawnstars if you’re thinking about findom is that fans can directly gift creators. It’s commonly safer to do this through a platform such as Fawnstars, so some fans don’t have your direct payment details. With Fawnstars you will get 100% of your payouts, so it’s really positive. One incredible creator on our platform who gets involved in the findom fetish is Inked Empress. Check out her profile for BDSM and findom content inspiration!


Are you wondering - what is edging? Edging is the process of holding off before the point of orgasm. Women and men both partake in edging, but men really like this kink more in general. It can extend your sexual pleasure for a lot longer. 

If you’re thinking of becoming an edging creator, it would be a good idea to watch some videos to get some inspiration.


Scissoring can be explained as a kink in which two women intertwine and rub up on each other. This term will be commonly used in the porn community as collaborators create videos together. 

One of our favourite creators and brand ambassador for Fawnstars, Tiffany Kelly quite often collaborates with other female creators for videos. Check out her profile for some collaboration inspiration.


Another term used in the fetish and kink community is pegging, but you might still be curious about what pegging means. Pegging is a fetish where someone wears a dildo and strap-on for sex. 

It’s another term used by the BDSM subculture for porn. With pegging videos, you’ll also be looking to collaborate with other creators and you can start making videos like these by engaging with communities on Twitter/X. Check Fawnstars out on social media, where you can find some great creators to engage with.

Experiment with your content on Fawnstars

As you can see there are so many different fetishes that you can experiment with when it comes to your content. You can also find some inspiration for different fetish content ideas on our blog. At Fawnstars, we can’t wait to see what you create.

To get started as a creator, make sure you head to our sign-up page to get started. We offer 100% payouts for new creators which you won’t get on other platforms and, as a new creator, you can benefit from referral fees. Sign up today to reap all the benefits and share your fetish content with so many new fans on Fawnstars!


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