Fetish content ideas for creators

By Gary Martin

September 21, 2023

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Fetishes are becoming less of a taboo over time and many people share their fetishes freely. As we all become more sexually liberated, sharing your fetish is a part of having a healthy sex life. At Fawnstars, we believe in a future where everyone can explore their fantasies freely and safely.

If you are a content creator, tapping into different fetishes is a great idea. From BDSM to foot fetishes, we’re sharing some of our best content ideas and tips for fetish content. 

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BDSM content is really popular, especially amongst fans who want to pay creators for their content. You might start getting a group of fans who are your cash piggy’s. This can be great for earning extra tokens. 

Getting started with BDSM content is really exciting. Our tip would be to get yourself some equipment and BDSM clothing first. Some great BDSM accessories are whips or sticks to dominate your subs in your content. Look at Inked Empresses’ content for some inspiration.

Another great idea would be to collaborate with a photographer for a BDSM photoshoot. The higher the quality of the photos, the more your fans will be willing to pay.

Foot fetish

Foot fetishes are quite common so you could make a lot of money making foot content. Amateur foot fetish content is usually quite easy to shoot and you can usually use your phone for photos and videos. Make sure to get some interesting angles to excite your fans. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a foot fetish model, some fans might be interested in your amateur foot worship content. In a similar style to BDSM content, with foot worship content you can be dominating. Other content ideas include foot massages and trampling. 

Big boob and ass content

Accentuate your features with this next fetish. If you have big boobs or a big ass, you can get lots of fans who will pay for your content. 

With content that focuses on your body's features you can make POV videos. POV videos are made with you holding the camera up. Try taking the viewer through a journey as you explore your body and your big features.

Cosplay and roleplaying

Finally, many fans love a story and that means that they like fictional characters. Lots of content creators tap into this niche by doing cosplay or roleplaying content. 

With cosplay content you will usually dress up as a character. This could be anything from a magical creature to a superhero. On Fawnstars we have some amazing creators who make cosplay content such as Dirty Little Secret.

With roleplaying content, you’re giving your fans the fantasy by dressing up. You might want to dress up as a nurse or a teacher. There are so many other different roleplaying options to try out so get started today to start earning from your content.

Most popular fetishes

This is definitely not a full list of fetishes. In fact, there are lots more fetishes that are really popular and perfect for you to experiment with. 

Recently, we chatted to the Daily Star after we carried out a survey on the top sexual fantasies and fetishes. Have a read of the top sexual fantasies to get some inspiration for your content.

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Make sure you are staying safe when you are exploring and we look forward to seeing your content on Fawnstars.


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