A step by step guide to promoting on Fawnstars

By Firecask

July 07, 2023

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A step by step guide to promoting on Fawnstars

One of the best things you can do as a content creator is share your art online to get fans. Being a creator on Fawnstars is easy. We believe that creators should have access to the best tools to promote their content. 

In this guide you can learn about getting your account set up and how our tokens system works. Keep reading for steps on how to promote your content on Fawnstars. 

How to become a content creator

Are you thinking about becoming a creator? The first thing you might want to think about is who your target audience is. For example, you might want to make BDSM content to build an audience of loyal subs. Or instead you may want to make content to tease your fans and explore your artistic vision!

At Fawnstars we believe in the creative power of online sex workers. Whatever liberates you so you can have fun is a great starting point. If you’re having fun making your content, your audience will recognise this and start to want to follow you!

To get started you only really need a couple of videos and photos which can easily be shot on your phone.

How to set up a creator account for Fawnstars

Once you’ve created some content, setting up an account on Fawnstars creator account is easy. First, head to our sign up page where you can enter your details and get your account set up. 

Once you’ve logged in you will find a ‘Become a creator’ button which will bring up an application form. You’ll need to provide some information for us such as your name and date of birth. You will then need to verify your identity and age with some documentation. 

After we have reviewed your application we will send you a consent form. You just need to sign this and you can start uploading your content or making more for your Fawnstars account. Read our handy How-to guide for more information on signing up and creating different types of content.

What we are offering to creators that other platforms don’t 

You might be wondering how to set up OnlyFans or get started on other platforms, but Fawnstars is offering something unique. We want to empower creators. Through our token system, our creators can withdraw 100% of their earnings on the platform. This puts creative control back in the hands of creators and makes sure that you get paid for the content you want to make. 

In addition to this, we don’t charge a sign up fee when you get started on promoting your content. This means you won’t have to earn anything back or start your account in a negative balance.

How to promote your content

As a content creator it's really important that you know how important it is to promote your content. Here you can find some of our best tips on how to do this both on Fawnstars and on other platforms.

In fawnstars

On our platform, content works through a coin system which means users will purchase tokens to unlock your content. This means that you can price different content based on what you think it's worth. Read our useful guide on how to price your Fawnstars content. Your fans can also tip you if they want to!

Through our platform you can also promote your content through subscription and with a pay per view model. On your account you can select a fee for both of these if you want to set these up.

On social media

Of course, tag us on social media when you are posting your content. We will do our best to help promote you and that you are using our platform. 

It’s also important for you to have your own social media. Although it's not required for you to promote content through Fawnstars, it can really help you promote yourself. Here are a few tips to do this:

  • Promote your content on Twitter using the #18plus and #NSFW hashtags. Use any other relevant hashtags that might be niche to your content
  • It’s also great to engage with other 18+ content creators on Twitter as this can get your account some visibility. For example you might be able to find a content creator to engage with their fans 
  • We’d also recommend sharing your content on Reddit. They have a great NSFW thread which can get you great visibility
  • You can also promote your content on Instagram and TikTok. Although these have specific community guidelines for sexually explicit content, you can share other posts to promote your Fawstars account.

Get started with promoting your content on Fawnstars today

Remember when you’re creating content that you should feel safe wherever you are promoting it. You can always keep your privacy settings on if you want to on social media platforms. Make sure to follow us on social media and tag us with your creations. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

To get started with promoting your content on Fawnstars, sign up today. Head to our homepage to set up an account and begin your creative journey.

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