12 festive content ideas for creators


December 14, 2023

Christmas and the festive period is a great time for content creators. Not only can you make more themed content, it’s a time when more fans are likely to be browsing your profile. Although reports have suggested that traffic to porn sites dropped in the lead up to Christmas, Pornhub recently reported they saw a 15% increase in traffic on Christmas Day.

This presents an opportunity to create unique content to keep your fans interested. At Fawnstars we’re a platform dedicated to giving our creators more. With our platform, you can create Christmas content or run a Christmas sale, and you will get 100% of your earnings. 

Make sure to check out our blog for more topics like these and keep reading on to get some inspiration. Since there are 12 days of Christmas, we’re giving you 12 ideas in this blog post!

1 - Naughty Santa or Mrs Clause

The most obvious content you can create around the festive season is some naughty photos or videos using Santa or Mrs Clause as inspiration. It’s generally quite easy to find a Santa hat, and you could even create a full grotto experience. People tend to love this content and it’s one of the top OnlyFans Christmas content ideas, so we would love to see it on Fawnstars.

2 - Festive Cosplay

This one is quite similar to dressing as Santa or Mrs Clause, but there’s a whole array of Christmas characters you could cosplay as in your content. From the Grinch to Elf, your imagination is only the limit when it comes to cosplay content. Rest assured your fans will love this content if they are fans of your other cosplay.

3 - Porn Advent Calendar

One way you could count down to Christmas is by offering your fans a Christmas porn advent calendar. Counting down to Christmas has never been more fun, and you can offer your fans a unique piece of content each day.

4 - Use decorations in your content

Try out some tinsel as an outfit or some Christmas lights but make sure to be careful with this one if you do decide to use lights! Fans will love your decorated backdrops or your festive outfits.

5 - Festive Lingerie

If you’re not quite ready to try out cosplay or some of the other ideas, you can still be just as suggestive and make as many tips with some festive lingerie. 

6 - Ugly Christmas jumpers

Everyone loves a Christmas jumper at Christmas time so it’s not a bad idea to wear a jumper in your content. If you’re a seamstress you could even modify the jumper to make it more sensual. Fans will be willing to spend lots of tokens on this content if they’re looking at your account during the festive season.

7 - Christmas storytelling

If you’re looking to collaborate with another creator, you could go all out and create some video content themed around the festive season. You and the other creator could be snowed in at a winter lodge or you could be Santa's helper. There’s really no limit when it comes to an X-rated Christmas, and at Fawnstars, we love this kind of creativity!

8 - Try out a new fetish

The festive season is all about giving to your fans but you might be able to increase your subscribers by trying out something new. At Fawnstars we’ve already got some fetish content ideas for you and you can get started by learning fetish terms.

9 - Offer a festive sale

One of the most obvious ways you can increase your subscribers, and reward your fans for supporting you all year, is by offering a festive sale. Give big discounts through a countdown to Christmas sale and generate more interest for your Fawnstars profile. If you’re based in the UK, Boxing Day is a great time to offer a sale for your fans.

10 - Christmas messages 

Make sure to wish your fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year through your messages. This can really build fan loyalty and let them know you’re thinking of them during the festive season. Through Fawnstars you can make use of messaging to get personal with your fans.

11 - Go live 

Whether you want to go live on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Years Eve for a countdown, you can really build fan loyalty. In the future we’re planning to add this feature to Fawnstars feed, but in the meantime, you can do this through your own social media profiles to encourage your fans to sign up. 

12 - Get started with a new platform

As the new year draws near, it's a great time to diversify your content and get started on a new platform. If you’re a regular user on other platforms, offer your fans something new and unique by trying out Fawnstars. Read our how-to guide for new creators to get started.

Choose Fawnstars this festive season

We are passionate about helping both new and experienced creators whatever the season. On our blog we offer a range of guides to help you, including tips on how to promote your account on Fawnstars

We love seeing the creativity of our creators and, unlike other platforms, we offer 100% payouts for all creators whether you are new to creating or looking to migrate your audience. We can’t wait to see your content and make sure to tag us on Instagram and Twitter, so we can boost your festive content!

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